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belcom inc. is a Danish manufacturer of ergonomic products used in the office and workstations using the computer. The company was established in 1987 and has developed a number of ergonomic products, helping the user to be better at work.

The company is specialized, together with the customer, in developing new products, whether these are manufactured in steel or plastic. belcom inc. has a number of subcontractors to help in this process. The products are sold through a strong dealer network in Europe as well as U.S.A.

New product

Wireless Charging Qi

QI is a standard made by the leading telephone manufacturers. These companies has organized in a consortium which has and developed this patent. When the charger has this logo “QI” it proofs hat the charger has been produced according to this standard.
Wireless charging happens when placing your Smarphone on top of the charger. This can be mounted in the desk top or just placed on top of the desk. The charger is connected to the normal electricity.
The charger will indicate be sound or light that charging is going on. When taking the phone away charging will stop.

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