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Wireless Charging Qi

Qi wireless charger works with any Qi-enabled device or Qi wireless receiver. No messy cords or cables- charging your devices has never been easier.

The Qi wireless charging station CP681BO can be invisibly integrated into new furniture or easily built in to existing furnishings. The universal Qi charging station enables cable free charging for all Qi-compatible cell phones, MP3 players, iPods, cameras and other electronic devices with a wireless power transfer of up to 5 watts.

Charging stations visible built into furniture all over the world:
  • airports, airport lounges, airport arrival and departure halls
  • hotels, hotel lounges, bars, cafes
  • coffee tables, restaurants, fast food chains
  • offices, conference rooms, seminar rooms
  • universities and libraries: assembly halls, lecture rooms, conference rooms, cafeteria, public areas, on campus
  • public transport, eg. in trains and buses
  • simply at home: in the living room, kitchen or office

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